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Cabin Air Filter in Jackson, CA

You don’t enjoy breathing in odors, dirt, and grime in your home, so you regularly change the filters in your heating and air conditioning system. So why wouldn’t you do the same thing for your car? The cabin air filter ensures that air being circulated through your climate control system is clean and odor-free. However, if you don’t change it, you will lose the effectiveness of the filter.

While we suggest that you change the cabin air filter in your precision European automobile according to manufacturer guidelines, the following symptoms may also indicate the need to have it replaced:

  • Reduced airflow through the system
  • The fan is noisy but little air is coming out
  • Persistent bad odors
  • An extended engine life
  • Reduced dirt and debris build-up



The luxurious, high-performance vehicles from BMW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, VW, and MINI include some of the most advanced cabin air filters and micro filters being used. This ranges from standard HEPA filters, to Mercedes-Benz’s sealed micro-fiber system, to advanced charcoal and microparticle filtrations systems.

Because we specialized only in European automobiles, we understand what it takes to perform the delicate cabin air filter replacements and servicing required to keep these advanced air conditioning systems working properly better than a dealership or other independent repair shop. When it comes to the air you breathe, are you going to take it to a repair shop where they will use subpar, aftermarket filters?

At Sterling Auto Repair, we use only OE cabin air filters and micro filters. This means you are getting the filters that are meant to work with your vehicle, and that will continue to provide you with clean, clear air. Our technicians are more than just mechanics, they are European automotive enthusiasts, and they can give you pointers on improving the functions of your filters as well as any maintenance steps you can take to prolong the life of the filters.


Why Choose Sterling Auto Repair?

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